Our Story

After 12 years of private practice as a nutritionist, and health consultant I realized one of the biggest obstacles for individuals, and families in eating healthy nutritious meals was access, and preparation. There was a disconnect between prescribing foods, and meals for a given health benefit, and the actual consumption of those foods. At the time I was studying Culinary Science at The Culinary Institute of America refining the meals I would prescribe to clients & patients, and seeking the inspiration needed to solve this dilemma. Enter “The General” RxK Co-Founder, and operations leader. Together we formed RxK (Prescription Kitchen) with the belief that if we made eating healthy, organic, nutritionally balanced meals more delicious, and convenient that people everywhere would benefit.

Fast forward to today.. Prescription Kitchen is developing into the form we envisioned. Nutritionist & Chef curated meals designed for health & well-being. The future is bright, we are constantly innovating, and expanding our menu. Developing new products, and meal plans that provide the nutritional foundation we all require to thrive.

Thank you! We look forward to the next chapter in our story with every RxK member as part of our community